A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind - Sylvia Nasar If you are expecting to read about the tragic story that has been shown in the Motion Picture that has won millions of people's hearts, I've got to start by telling you that this is not a Movie Tie-In of any kind, for the real life of John Nash was immensely different from the life of John Nash that has been shown in the Motion Picture. John Nash was indeed a Mathematician, A Nobel-Prize Winner, and a Madman, but he was nothing like the character the actor has portrayed in the Motion Picture. So don't expect to read about many things that have been seen in the Motion Picture, for some of them have never been part of the real John Nash's life. What you can expect to read about though, is some of the most complex concepts in the world of Math Theory and Game theory, and many other things from the real John Nash's life. Got to warn you though, that some of the things mentioned in this book are far from pretty.