Be Obsessed or Be Average

Be Obsessed or Be Average - Grant Cardone If you’ve always wondered or if you’re simply wondering
who the heck and what the heck is Grant Cardone, this book
will answer that question for you in the fullest detail possible,
for Mr. Cardone does not beat around the bush in this book,
and he tells it like it is, he tells it like immensely successful businessman
slash entrepreneur slash boss slash control freak that he is.

You will find some parts in this book immensely irritating
for you’ll wonder how the heck could a guy like him
become so immensely successful in life.

And then you’ll find some parts in this book immensely interesting
and you’ll finally learn how the heck could a guy like him become
so immensely successful in life.

The answer, the answer to his success,
he so often speaks about in this book is obsession,
for Mr. Cardone is simply put obsessed with success,

he’s the kind of guy who never gives up on anything
even after thousands of cold calls and
hundreds of cold hard rejections.

He suffered through a very hard addiction
at a very young age and risen like Phoenix
from the ashes.

I have to say that what I admire most about him
isn’t that he’s master of sales and immensely successful
businessman who runs five immensely successful businesses,

but the fact that he didn’t let the past get to him
like it gets to most of us,
and focused his entrepreneurial mind
solely on the present and the future.

And if his London Real conversation with the show's host
showed anything to me it showed that this man
has got insane drive and insane desire
to succeed and grow his wealth
and his companies further.

As someone who really wants to become
an Entrepreneur someday,
I have to say that I found his London Real
conversation very inspiring,

and this book has offered so much knowledge to me
that I willingly accepted and can’t wait to apply to my own life.

So I suggest you do the same,
for you will learn so many new things,
and you will get a truly insightful
and truly rich glimpse
into a mind of a
who’s by now probably
a multi-billionaire
if all of his goals
he set out for himself
to achieve